Sunday, November 11, 2007

Running into Jonathan Schwartz

I was at QCon San Francisco the last few days and gave a talk on REST vs. WS-* in the track organized by Stefan Tilkov. That was a great track .. they'll be putting up the talks soon (and if its getting late I'll put the slides up; but given the slightly controversial nature of my comments I'd rather have the whole talk rather than just quiet slides).

After all the talks a bunch of us went out for dinner to a nice restaurant at the nearby Four Seasons Hotel. Seated at the table next to us was none other than Mr. Sun himself - Jonathan Schwartz. He was having some power pow-wow with more serious looking older guys.

After he left, we realized that we missed a golden opportunity to go and ask him "WTF were you thinking in changing SUNW to JAVA?"! Dan Diephouse said he'd have given $1000 for anyone who'd have asked that .. I said I'd have done it for $100 without a blink. Then Pete Lacey and Stefan Tilkov and all of us starting low-balling the figure .. finally it came down to we'd have all done it in unison for free!

Oh well; too bad .. but at least next time I run into Jonathan I know what the pick up line is going to be!

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