Wednesday, February 17, 2010

WSO2 launches Cloud Identity service

Today we announced our second cloud service: Cloud Identity. See: and you can use it right now at

(We have a principle of not announcing vaporware!)

This is basically our WSO2 Identity Server product converted into a multi-tenant identity management system and hosted on Amazon EC2 for scalable and reliable deployment. Basically, within about 5 minutes you can register your domain, add your users and then have your own OpenID, Cardspace, SAML 2.0, WS-Trust STS for authentication and XACML and (very soon) OAuth for authorization. Translated to English, that means you can get  a single place to manage your users and give them access to Drupal, Liferay, Google Apps and a whole lot more. We will soon be adding LDAP to this list as well, which means you can even tie Windows, Unix login to it as well as other services like SVN.

Nothing like giving it a try to see how it works!

[UPDATE] Here are some additional references for you to get started with:

Happy identitying!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

The myth of rogue states

The February 8th issue of the Newsweek (International) magazine has an absolutely great article titled “End of the Rogue”. The article is about how the concept of a “rogue state” (apparently created the cold war days) is no longer valid and how the US needs to get past it.

Not surprisingly many comments on the online edition don’t agree that the US approach needs to change. Living in Sri Lanka, however, and having observed the wrath of the US (and UK and EU) for the way the anti-LTTE war was conducted and ended, I can see what must be going on in “rogue” countries!

The most interesting quote I found in the article is this:

We don’t have the right to think other people should think like us.

If we all could live by that the entire world would be a better place!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

WSO2 platform overview

We recently posted a slide deck that gives an updated overview of the WSO2 platform. This covers both our downloadable products as well as our cloud offerings. Enjoy!