Monday, January 19, 2009

Live for today & let others live

This is a beaut from Azeez - good for all of us.

British govt supports terrorism?!

Gordon Brown, in a statement in British Parliament, said a few days ago that a cease-fire is needed to end the “terrible violence” in Sri Lanka.

Mr. Brown, yes the violence is terrible but remember what this is for: we had a terrorist group running a shadow country and having territory. Would you allow that say within Scotland (which is a bit bigger than Sri Lanka)? Would you watch and wait until they kill hundreds and thousands of people, do ethnic cleansing and more?

Of course not.

Like in 1987, we're again near destroying the LTTE. Last time it was India that air dropped supplies to these bastard terrorists and threatened to invade Sri Lanka unless we let them survive. India's foreign minister was in Sri Lanka a few days ago- to tell us a similar message. However, this time, we're telling him to go fly a kite .. this time we're not going to allow the Indian-created terrorist movement to go on any more.

Its quite ironic how India on one side can tell Pakistan they're being bad when they did exactly the same to us in the 80s and still continue to support the LTTE. After the July attacks in Mumbai, India can no longer credibly tell us to stop fighting terrorism. If they really want to attack us again let them try - this time it won't be so one-sided.

It seems that Mr. Brown feels the pain of terrorists in Sri Lanka. He's even going to talk to his buddies in France and Germany. Go right ahead dude, but if you stop this current action then you're nothing but a terrorist yourself.

If your threat is to stop aid then I'd rather see my country go bankrupt rather than give into your demands.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Its good to be dead

According to Burton Group's Anne Thomas Manes, SOA is dead. RedMonk's James Governor points out that dead technologies make money. (Brilliant piece James!)

Phew, I'm glad we're writing software for a dead trend.