Monday, January 19, 2009

British govt supports terrorism?!

Gordon Brown, in a statement in British Parliament, said a few days ago that a cease-fire is needed to end the “terrible violence” in Sri Lanka.

Mr. Brown, yes the violence is terrible but remember what this is for: we had a terrorist group running a shadow country and having territory. Would you allow that say within Scotland (which is a bit bigger than Sri Lanka)? Would you watch and wait until they kill hundreds and thousands of people, do ethnic cleansing and more?

Of course not.

Like in 1987, we're again near destroying the LTTE. Last time it was India that air dropped supplies to these bastard terrorists and threatened to invade Sri Lanka unless we let them survive. India's foreign minister was in Sri Lanka a few days ago- to tell us a similar message. However, this time, we're telling him to go fly a kite .. this time we're not going to allow the Indian-created terrorist movement to go on any more.

Its quite ironic how India on one side can tell Pakistan they're being bad when they did exactly the same to us in the 80s and still continue to support the LTTE. After the July attacks in Mumbai, India can no longer credibly tell us to stop fighting terrorism. If they really want to attack us again let them try - this time it won't be so one-sided.

It seems that Mr. Brown feels the pain of terrorists in Sri Lanka. He's even going to talk to his buddies in France and Germany. Go right ahead dude, but if you stop this current action then you're nothing but a terrorist yourself.

If your threat is to stop aid then I'd rather see my country go bankrupt rather than give into your demands.


Unknown said...

Good God! Jingoism can drive even a level headed guy into writing cranky posts like this one. I was just about warming up when in the last 3 paragraphs you completely fell off your rocker.


Sanjiva Weerawarana said...

Dilip, if you've watched your country go down the tubes because of intervention and support by other countries you wouldn't be surprised by "cranky" posts.

Do you know that LTTE's chief "theoretician" used to live in UK until he died? That's all while his little organization was killing innocent Sinhalese, Tamils and Muslims in Sri Lanka. Do you know that there were lots of LTTE organizations that were collecting funds in the UK, Europe and US? When did it stop? Only after 9/11 and 7/11 for UK .. oh I guess our lives are worthless until some precious western lives are lost eh? The same double standard can be observed in Palestine today - one Israeli life is worth hundreds of Palestinian.

In our case, the world ignored terrorism as "freedom fighters" until it came and bit them in the ass. India created and nurtured LTTE and a host of other organizations - do you really think that's a figment of my imagination? Get real. They kept it up until LTTE killed Rajiv Gandhi .. and they were back to pandering to LTTE crap until the Mumbai attacks this past summer.

I feel terrible for the people who suffered in those attacks, but boy, if not for that attack we'd have been ordered to stop the LTTE elimination by now by big brother India. Now they can't do it - how can they expect Pakistan to stop inter-country terrorism if they support it in the other side eh?

We've been totally screwed by a messed up world. I am sick of the likes of Gordon Brown laying out crap to us - if they want to understand what's going on here then come and see. LTTE is killing innocent Tamil people, robbing them of their lives and livelihood and all for what? Nothing. These people are Sri Lankans too and the government has full responsibility to give them the chance to go to college, get a job and have a life. Not be forcibly grabbed and made to fight or worse become a suicide killer.

Luckily for us, enough bad things have happened to India, UK, US and others that most people are now against the likes of LTTE. Not everyone, but hopefully just enough for us to eliminate them once and for all.

Of course that's not the end of ethnic problems in Sri Lanka. LTTE is a symptom and not the cause - if we as a country don't address the underlying causes then a new organization will come up at some point in the future. I will do my best to do my part to make sure we don't make that mistake.

Cranky? Oh yeah, I am totally cranky.

Dasunpriya Anuradha said...

I agree with Sanjeewa's view. Terrorism is not the same as Tourism. It (Terror) must be irradiated. And for all these years no other country wanted to provide a genuine answer to this "ethnic" problem in Sri Lanka. Why now?? They just fed the Tiger, so they can benefit from that Tiger to hunt down who ever they want. But that poor Tiger does not no that he has no future but serving those who fed it. Now we reached the reality.. Both Tiger and caretakers are FUCKED! Now it's our responsibility as a nation to get up again and build the mother Sri Lanka to be a better place for Sinhalese, Tamils, Muslims, and all others.

I request all my fellow countries to support us to get rid of this Terrorism by keeping your hands off from the "war" in Sri Lanka. Yes I said "WAR". If LTTE wants a "War" we should give them one.

Well said Sanjeewa.

NW said...


You maybe right about India having a hand in the early part of LTTE's creation and training. That was done by the Indian intelligence (admitted by RAW) during the time of war between Ind-Pak and Sri Lanka's support towards Pak in allowing them to refuel their warships. Sure, its a shameful thing because LTTE thrived and became a fierce terrorist organisation. But its wrong in saying that Indian govt. is supporting terrorism directly. Don't believe everything you read my friend.

Rajiv Gandhi sent IPKF to SL for the benefit of the people who were sufferring in the crossfire between the govt. and LTTE. He recognized LTTE as a terrorist org., and removed intelligence support from LTTE, and got killed for doing that. The nation of India does not support LTTE anymore, only a few politicians in the far south (the "jokers") do. India supports the people of SL and with that belief is supporting the govt. of SL in its fight against LTTE.

Dasunpriya Anuradha said...

British eye opened???? Finally... ;-)

Sathish Meda said...

I never imagined that a person of Sanjiva'a calibre would use such derogatory words. What is the difference between you and an uneducated fellow? Do not dare to compare Pakistan to India. India helped LTTE initially but later realized its mistake and sent IPKF to help Sri Lankan Army. Can Pakistan do that? One can do mistakes but need to learn from those and India did that. I do not know why anyone talking about terrorism brings up Palestine as if it is their problem. If palestine keeps firing rockets at them should Israel keep quiet? If they are really skilled they should not use violence to solve this problem. It is also childish to say that Isreal should also respond in the same way Palestine attacks. You would just lose your credibility in the technical world if you post such cranky articles.

bsodmike said...

Satish, apologies in advance but I do not agree with your comments.

The LTTE have for, a long while now, been terrorising citizens of Sri Lanka, including the Tamils as well. Zurich used to be a 'hub' for their operations (probably, still is) and it is a known fact that there is a huge LTTE presence in England.

I am not surprised in the least to hear Mr. Brown make said statement, as the view in the UK has always been one sympathizing with the 'under dogs'. BBC is also largely at fault for always presenting information with a 'pro LTTE' view.

If you speak to anyone who knows anything of the LTTE, to them it is simply a case of a 'civil war' that has gone out of hand.

Oh, how far from the truth they are. One would have expected India to be more cautious of the LTTE after they killed Rajiv Gandhi, but there could be a lot more at stake here than one many initially realise.

Personally, I feel that Sanjiva couldn't have said it any better. We need more cranky posts reaching journalists of the west ~ wake up and hear the cries of innocent civilians being terrorised in Sri Lanka and not to mention the toll the country's economy has faced (and continues to face) over the years of LTTE sadism.

I for one cannot wait for this to be over.

Sanjiva Weerawarana said...

@Satish, please check the history. India did not send the IPKF to "help" us settle stuff .. do you not recall the time Indian Air Force *air dropped* supplies to the same terrorists that we're fighting now? Yeah, that was about a time similar to now - we were about to snuff them out and India said "no you will not" and air dropped and threatened to invade Sri Lanka. We then "invited" the Indian Army into Sri Lanka.

This is not fiction .. see: Operation Poomalai.

LTTE is playing the same PR games now trying to say that what's going on is a "humanitarian crisis". If they win the PR war, Sri Lanka will again be forced to give into terrorism and not wipe out that menace once and for all.

Our military has a "zero civilian casualties" policy. They are trained in human rights and Geneva convention and other aspects when they go through training. After all what they've achieved do you think they'd gain anything by attacking civilians? All that does is create more enemies.

Those people are exactly the Sri Lankan citizens our military is fighting to save from the clutches of a maniac.

Sathish Meda said...

No one wants terrorism but the mere fact that Rajapakse's government has restricted media coverage (and also remember the controversial death of sri lankan editor) adds suspicion about his intention.

Sathish Meda said...

And also do not ever compare Pakistan to India. Indian government and people do not support LTTE, as NW pointed out it is just a few people trying to politicise it. Do you agree? Pakistan on the other hand has different ideology and probably will never learn!

thamilamma said...

did you got it

thamilamma said...

whoever is here in this blog
Can you talk like this when your own brothers sisters and your parents killed and raped by the sri lankan army and the thugs from sri lanka.For more than 40
years But do you think the people will be happy to live in this country with singala brothers and sisters
you know tamils are always treated like step kids in sri lanka by the sri lankan singalese mother.People like me could fly out of this dangerous land but what happened for the millions of poor tamils?
Please understand this i moved form this country about 17 years ago to US.I never want to go or visit to this dangerous place in my whole life .this is a great land and here we have people obey rules and regulations and the political people are not greedy and thugs like in sri lanka
I really missed my all relatives and my siblings
but what can i do ?I learned to live like this but i will never forget my people
we Tamils are not harsh people we are educated and calm and living with a grate culture.
Tamil woman will die instead of raping by a sri lankan army
tamil man will die instead of caught and killed by sri lankan army.
so i think you already got the point why terrorism in Sri lanka

Sathish Meda said...

How many governments have banned aid workers and media in a war zone like this government? What is the justification in banning aid workers?

Sathish Meda said...

How many governments have banned aid workers and media in a war zone like this government? What is the justification in banning aid workers?

Isuru Suriarachchi said...

Hi thamilamma,

First of all I can definitely tell you that you are lacking up to date knowledge about the situation in Sri Lanka. You have left SL 17 years ago. Don't talk based on what you knew about SL 17 years ago. That's where you've gone wrong.
I'm still 24. So I was not born when this problem started in SL. But I also believe that Sinhalese people have done something wrong in treating Tamils in the past and that is for what the whole nation is still paying. But I know what is happening in SL now, which is exactly what you don't know about.
“Can you talk like this when your own brothers sisters and your parents killed and raped by the sri lankan army and the thugs from sri lanka”
I agree that Tamil people get killed. But by whom??... If you still don't know, that's by LTTE. Visit the following link. You will understand.
In addition to this, during last month or so LTTE has fired more than 100 Tamil civilians who tried to come to areas cleared by SL army. These innocent Tamil people are their own mothers and fathers. How can you shoot your mother, father or sister if you are a human?
Have a look at this link also. You will understand how SL army treats these innocent Tamil people.
If SL army wants to kill Tamils like you have mentioned, they can fire at LTTE without thinking about these people. If they did that there won't be any LTTE carders left by now. The war could have been finished 2,3 months back. Know that army solders lose their lives in trying to escape these innocent Tamil people from LTTE.
So please open your eyes and try to understand the truth. In our university I had about 20 Tamil friends. We studied, ate, enjoyed, played together. All Sinhalese, Tamils, Muslims or anyone in SL are our friends. Terrorists are against all of us. Even Tamils. That's the truth.
I'm not angry with 1000s of Tamils like you who left our country some time back and thinking the way you do. The origin of that feeling is something went wrong in the past. That's why a large number of Tamil people around the world send money for LTTE who use that money for their own benefit, not for Tamils, not for anyones betterment.
So can't we correct what went wrong??.. We can. Thamilamma this is your country, my country, Sinhalese' country, Tamils' country, Muslims' country. We all are Sri Lankans. Please think that way. I would like to invite you to come back to SL after the end of this war (most probably within 2 months) to see what's going on now. Please don't spread what you have mentioned in your comments as that is totally wrong in the current context. That makes things worse for you, me and all Sri Lankans. Help to make this great land a peaceful one.


Saliya Ekanayake said...
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Saliya Ekanayake said...


You went away from Sri Lanka a long time ago and now you are happy there in US. Why don't you guys get together and ask for a portion in US? LTTE did the same in SL and that's why we have this war, and there is no other reason for it. "this is a great land and here we have people obey rules and regulations" - Oh really? If LTTE did not start this arrogant stupid war we could have lived in peace.

Do you even know how many Tamil students study here in Universities and other institutions? Do you know how many Tamils are occupied in Sri Lanka. In fact it's us (the rest of the people in SL) are suffering from LTTE. I have never set foot in Jaffna thanks to LTTE terrorists.

Don't show fake kindness towards innocent people in SL. You want to support LTTE, that's the bottom line. If you feel so worried about innocent Tamils in SL then support wiping off these terrorists forever.

Saliya Ekanayake said...

LTTE has given out the picture that they started this war because Sinahala people treated them in a bad manner. This kind of stories are all their creations. LTTE has deceived Tamils like this the entire time. All they want is to own Sri Lanka. This is not the first time in that sense. Go and read/learn what damages were done by Kalinga Manga in the past to Sri Lanka. LTTE is just continuing this stupidity. The sad thing is that LTTE leaders are enjoying a luxurious life while innocent Tamils sacrifice their lives.

LTTE will justify their actions with 101 heart touching stories, but the truth is that they have used Tamils to pursue a singe intention, i.e. own Sri Lanka.