Thursday, June 5, 2008

Happy user of WSO2 WSAS Data Services: "It just works"

Tobias Mueller writes:
In a current project I'm working with a commercial highend ESB. In the project I have to connect the ESB to a simple database. It turned out, that the JDBC Adapter is not included in the ESB (No comment on this). First I wanted to write a little Java program and throw it on a tomcat. But then I remembered an article about WSO2 WSAS on developerworks. I decided to give it a try and this just works. If you ever have to publish data from a RDBMS, CSV or Excelsheet as a Webservice I can highly recommend WSO2 WSAS
(Bold facing is mine.)

Ahh .. yet another satisfied user :). Thanks Tobias for the positive mention!

Want to try it out? Go download WSO2 WSAS and check out data services!

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