Sunday, February 22, 2009

On the road to understanding and hope

As many would've heard by now Colombo was attacked by two LTTE aircraft a few nites ago. They were apparently 9/11 style on a suicide mission .. but didn't quite make it where they wanted to go. (Well, not necessarily - its always possible they were paid by someone to crash into the Inland Revenue Service building to destroy some nasty tax files!!!) The good thing is that both aircraft were brought down - and with that most probably all of the remaining parts of the Air Tigers.

I can't really see what logical rationale LTTE had in launching this attack. If they were hoping to "stop" the war, the only way they'd have had any chance would've been to kill our president, defence secretary and probably at least the army commander. Well, the odds of a little Zlin 134 achieving that objective (even when they're packed with explosives) are pretty low.

On the other hand, they also now shoot at civilians leaving their clutches .. so clearly they've totally lost it. We just need to knock off the leadership and then all the lower level people can be spared .. a lot of their "soldiers" are forcibly conscripted children.

They certainly achieved a small PR victory .. or at least got some good coverage. On the other hand, it shows even more clearly that this crazy group that has airplanes, submarines, sea scooters, heavy artillery, suicide boats, suicide unit and more simply must be totally destroyed. Peace must be achieved by solving the underlying issues in our society. LTTE has no role in a peaceful Sri Lanka.

With all this fighting one may feel that there's no hope for Sri Lanka. However, what prompted me to write this blog is an amazing story that's in today's Sunday Times: about how a group of Sinhala and Tamil farmers took a week-long trip to the hill country to learn about better dairy farming approaches .. and how it lead to the people bonding across cultures. Definitely worth reading!

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