Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A-9 opened up after 24 years

This is one of the many steps in re-uniting our country. 24 years is a long time ... but its great to see it finally happening! Of course its not a normal road yet by any means, but we can only hope for better times ahead ..

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Srilankan said...

Sri Lanka's former presidents never ruled the country like true national leaders of the country. Tamil speaking Sri Lankans view the current President as the first President of Sri Lanka who is leading the country as a true national leader for both Sinhala & Tamil speaking Sri Lankans. He is the first president to speak in Tamil in United Nations. He is the first president to differentiate between the Tamil speaking Sri Lankans and Prabakaran's outfit. Tamil speaking Sri Lankans want demilitarization, democratization, devolution and development while politically bankrupt Prabakaran wants to control part of the country militarily. Prabakaran carried out more suicide bombings than Hamas, Islamic Jihad and Al Qaeda combined. Al Qaeda follows Prabakaran's terror methods. So far U.S could not crush Al Qaeda. India could not eliminate Kashmir insurgents. But first time in international history, the most powerful terror organisation in the world is facing its demise because of the brave president of a tiny island in the world. Previous presidents of our country tried to negotiate with the terrorists. But the current president strongly believes that terrorism can not be negotiated with and he is absolutely right. Prabakaran and his outfit should be isolated and punished for their actions against humanity and causing all types of collateral damages. Renouncing violence must be the pre-condition of any talks with Prabakaran and his outfit. Last thirty years of war have seen thousands of innocent Tamil and Sinhala speaking Sri Lankans murdered in cold blood by Prabakaran. Prabakaran killed more Tamil speaking Sri Lankans than any body else. Also more Prabakaran's Tigers were killed by Prabakaran than any body else.