Sunday, May 10, 2009

Sri Lanka: Is this the 'endgame' for the conflict with Tamil Tigers?

This is a good article in the Christian Science Monitor about the war in Sri Lanka.

This is an amazing newspaper (its not about Chrisitian Science despite the name) - I first started reading it in 1985/86 when I was a freshman at Kent State University. That was before the Web, before proper email even really. CSM was pretty much the only paper that would have a reasonably in-depth article about Sri Lanka and about what was going on in the world, instead of the drive-by type articles found in most newspapers and now of course Web sites. I even subscribed to the print edition for a while when I was a grad student at Purdue.

Despite the ability to write arbitrary length articles on the Web, sadly most Web news articles have followed their newspaper and TV brethren and have very shallow content.

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sammybull said...

The SriLankan army is showing exactly how terrorists should be dealt with, something that the stupid Western armies & IDF fail to grasp.Besides the heroic Tigers have wrapped own Tamil civilians around themselves,as one does with mattresses,to cushion their fall.The outcry from so-called human rights groups is just another attempt at saving another terrorist organization,something they do too well.
And of course,one has to believe too that the valiant LTTE never know how to use a wounded-filled hospital to set up their guns? The quickest the SriLankan army eliminates this scum,the better for the hostage held civilians