Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Paul becomes CTO of WSO2

Paul Fremantle, co-founder of WSO2, recently took over as our Chief Technical Officer, CTO. That's a role that he and I jointly played (virtually) since inception - but now with Daniel joining us for technical sales and with us beefing up our business team (more on that soon), Paul will make CTO his full-time role.

Paul's a great technical visionary and I'm thrilled to have him be our technical spokesperson as well as provide the guidance to the entire company on technology strategy and direction. I've worked with Paul now for nearly 10 years (since 1998 when he started writing an IBM Redbook about XML and XSLT and I had worked on integrating XSLT to JSP pages via BSF) and I have complete trust in his vision and judgement!

If you're not subscribed to Paul's blog then its a good time to start as he'll be doing a lot more blogging soon!

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