Thursday, October 23, 2008

ApacheCon US keynote speaker ..

My wife Shahani will be one of the keynote speakers at ApacheCon US in New Orleans in a few weeks. She was until recently CTO of the ICT Agency of Sri Lanka, basically the government's IT place. Prior to that she was Head of Engineering at Virtusa, the largest software company in Sri Lanka. Before we came back to Sri Lanka (in 2001) she worked for a while in a startup called Prescient Markets (which interestingly was building software for trading corporate paper .. one of the fishy instruments causing problems now ;-) .. but they didn't survive the .com crash; so maybe they're not to blame!) and before that part time at IBM Research while finishing her Ph.D. in CS at Purdue as well.

She's a great speaker .. I'm sure it'll be a great talk (about how open source code has helped build amazing government solutions I think)! Unfortunately I won't be there as I'll be at home with the kids ;-).

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Anonymous said...

I'm certainly looking forward to meeting her! Thanks again for agreeing to stay home with the kids - someday we'll all have to find an ApacheCon where we can bring the kids and spend a weekend beforehand going to museums instead of fancy restaurants!