Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Book on RESTful PHP Web services

Aha! Another RESTful Web services book .. this time by WSO2's own Samisa Abeysinghe, father of Axis2/C and now our Director of Engineering. Gotta love it!

You RESTafarians out there have to check this out .. given Samisa's WS-* credentials I'm sure there'll be some people who try to dismiss it outright. Give it a read and see .. I'm sure Samisa would be happy to get feedback and respond to it appropriately!

This is now the 3rd book by a WSO2 person: Samisa's, Deepal's one on Programming Axis2 and the one I wrote (prior to WSO2) on Web services. The WSO2 people authored bookshelf is growing! AWESOME!!

Glen has reminded me that he, Paul and others wrote the Building Web Services in Java book too! So, that makes 4 (and counting)!

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Glen Daniels said...

Ahem. :)

Both Paul and I authored that one!