Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Small WSO2 re-org

Its my pleasure to announce a small re-org of WSO2 to help us better execute on the business side:
  • Jonathan Marsh, previously Director of Mashup Technologies, has been promoted to Vice President of Business Development. Jonathan will of course continue to provide vision to our mashup work (its his baby after all!) but he will focus more on helping us improve business execution.
  • Devaka Randeniya, previously Manager of Business Development, has been promoted to Director of Business Development. With this promotion Devaka takes more ownership of business development and sales activities and will of course be working with Jonathan.
Recently I announced some adjustments we've made to respond to the challenging times we live in. The roles changes for Jonathan and Devaka are designed to help us improve overall business execution and to make sure we do better than double our revenue next year and become a profitable business! I have known Jonathan for nearly 10 years and Devaka for more than 7 years and I have complete trust that we have the right people to take WSO2's business development forward!

The official announcement of these changes is here.

Congratulations Jonathan & Devaka!

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