Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sri Lanka += Maldives ???

I saw this article in a tweet by Mark Nottingham.

Give citizenship to 300k people in return for making Maldives part of Sri Lanka? That's a damned good deal!!

I hope our country's leadership step up to the plate and negotiate something with the Maldives. Failing that we can always take them over too ... after the LTTE war is over we're going to have a HUGE military (much larger than UK's for example) without much to do! Time to take over our neighbors ... watch out India!


Wathsala Vithanage said...

This is a good idea,but Maldives will get drowned soon when sea level rises. Therefore I fear we will not get anything worth for 300K heads :). Our military is huge and it is one of the most experienced military in the world. However we still depend on other countries when it comes to advanced weapons systems. Sri Lanka should develop weapons followed by a 3D radar system. Government can fund these projects after the war is over by diverting those funds to defence research. We have the potential to become something similar to Israel, but only if our leaders really want us to be there and commited to this mission.

sadath.iqbal said...

The main benefit for Sri Lanka in acquiring sovereignty of Maldives would be the blocking of any other country acquiring the same. If another government strikes a deal with the Maldivians then we may face the prospect of having a foreign military base uncomfortably close to our country. Lets not forget that we are already impish by the narrow divide between Sri Lanka and India.

Maldives is a lost land. No major benefit in acquiring it other than as a naval base.