Thursday, April 16, 2009

New Board Member for WSO2

Its my pleasure to announce that Alok Mohan recently joined WSO2's board.

Alok is a long time industry veteran with a lot of experience and success in growing businesses - which is exactly the stage that WSO2 is in. Alok's has an interesting and long career, including a stint at SCO .. no no, not when it was the "bad" SCO but before :-). He's currently on the boards of several other public & private companies as well. Alok's style is to be an active board member .. not a "geriatric" member as he says, which indeed is the common case for most people!

I'm thrilled to have someone with Alok's credentials and background to work with in growing WSO2 beyond the current stage. Every year since we began, we've more than doubled revenue and are on target for that again for 2009. The plan that we're working on is to accelerate that further!

I'm greatly honored to be working side-by-side with someone of Alok's stature. I know it will be a learning experience for me personally as well as for our entire company, especially the leadership team.

Let the games begin!

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