Sunday, April 26, 2009

Share the blame

Today's Sunday Times in Sri Lanka has a great editorial on how the blame for the LTTE situation needs to be shared by India, US, UK, Australia, Canada and others. All of these so-called "civilized nations" enabled, supported, ignored and downright cheered the LTTE for many many years. Successive Sri Lankan governments cried and screamed for help but it was ignored. It was only the late Lakshman Kadirgamar (a Tamil himself) who was able to make some headway finally. And then of course finally when 9-11 hit the US woke up to terrorism.

Yet, not really it seems. Yesterday the US asked us to stop the war. Compare that to what Ms. Clinton did at a senate hearing. Quoting from the editorial:
Take the typical case of US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. This week, giving testimony at a Congressional hearing, she asked that Pakistan take more action against (Islamic) extremists and asked Sri Lanka to 'pause' action against (Tamil) extremists. To cap it, she asked Pakistan to adopt a 'paradigm shift' and called for a 'change in mind-set'. Look who's talking.
Oh but there is a difference - LTTE is killing poor irrelevant Sri Lankans (yes all of them- Sinhalese, Tamils, Muslims and more) and Al Qaeda is killing precious westerners. Oh of course, that's why on one side you need to destroy but on the other side you need to give in.

She's not alone - right now there's a protest going on in front of the British parliament by LTTE supporters with LTTE flags and more. Um, aren't they banned in UK and isn't it illegal to support a banned terrorist group?! At least the French have been nice- they did not allow LTTE to run amok in Paris recently and arrested a bunch of supporters of the illegal LTTE supporting organizations. And India- well they have internal political problems which they want to solve at our expense. Two of their big guys (Secy of Foreign Ministry and National Security Advisor) were in Colombo yesterday - and "didn't have time" to fly to the IDP camps and see the real situation without believing LTTE propaganda. Now John Homes (UN's humanitarian guy) is in town- hopefully he can make the time to go see without doing what Al Jazeera did on TV last nite showing a "video from Tamil sources" showing injured & dying people. Smart.

Cut the bull lady and everyone else from the international community. We're on our own this time and we're not giving in to the BS. We're (finally) taking our country back. You have no leverage in Sri Lanka - please do keep the aid money if you wish; we'll survive. We are not committing any humanitarian disasters - we're trying to prevent them. If you want to know the truth come and see for yourself.

If the (esp. western) "international community" wants to look for humanitarian disasters, look at Iraq. How many have you killed there in the name-of-what-now? Maybe between 100,000 to 1,000,000 .. in just 6 years. You guys have no moral authority to tell us anything; if at all its your crap is what has killed probably 75,000+ people in Sri Lanka in 30 years.

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Wathsala Vithanage said...

Terrorism is skin deep! As you mentioned when terrorism kills rich and white (not necessarily Caucasian, I will come back to it later) they want to ruin them at any cost. But when terrorism kill poor and coloured they find it rebellious and fight for a freedom. Coming back to white and coloured issue, in today's world one become white by accepting modernity (neo-liberalism, post modernity and religion /*You know what!*/), more you accept this more you become white. Therefore in that respect Obama is whiter than George W. Bush.