Thursday, June 25, 2009

Congratulations Pakistan!

(I meant to write this on Monday but its been a crazy week!)

The Twenty20 Finals on Sunday nite was amazing. Sri Lanka, which had played so well up until the finals, had its luck run out .. and Pakistan, which had a sputtering start, really got into high gear and um, whipped our butt :-). Congratulations Pakistan - after all the troubles you've had this is a great victory!

Pakistan showed how to win fair and square; without needing extra balls ;-).

For our own team - wow, what a run. Having an unbeaten run in a game like Twenty20 cricket where one little slip up can mean the game either way is amazing. I'm proud of our guys for having the "do whatever it takes to win" attitude and for delivering amazing results! It bodes well for our World Cup chances next year.

Congratulations to Dilshan on being recognized as the player of the series! What a batting experience that was :).


Unknown said...

As a Pakistani fan, I would have been happy to see Sri Lanka win also, both countries needed the win, Pakistan maybe a bit more. Sri Lanka have a great cricket team, they my favorites after Pakistan. But as a Pakistani I will never forget the kindness and graciousness of Sri Lnakans, they are truly the nicest people in the world.

Anonymous said...

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