Sunday, January 20, 2008

WS-* vs. REST again

ARGH. I wrote this piece back in September or October (I can't even remember)- way before the two talks I gave on WS-* vs. REST in November. They were supposed to publish it around then - for some reason they held it and published it now. I wasn't trying to rekindle that debate!

It looks like that article has triggered quite a bit of response, including Mark Baker saying sayonara to this debate.

First of all, I want to say that I'm also really tired of this debate. Its no longer an interesting debate because pretty much everything that can be said has been said. People who are open minded have listened and those with closed minds have decided their positions. When new people run into this debate I'm sure they will find some of this debate in the bowels of the Internet and use it to make up their own minds.

Just for the record- I certainly do not believe that WS-* all busted as the RESTafarian camp seems to think. I certainly do believe that RESTful solutions have their place- the fact that the WSO2 Registry is a purely RESTful system should make that clear. I'm disappointed that the technical literati haven't been able to find a common ground but I guess that's not surprising - this is no different than other religious battles.

When I find the time I will write a long article on where I think each approach is suited for. One of these days.

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