Thursday, January 31, 2008

WSO2 Mashup Server released!

I'm proud to announce that we released our mashup server product earlier this week! This is a "first" in many aspects of what "mashup server" means:
  • the only open source mashup server in town
  • the only one which has a straight, simple Javascript programming model
  • the only one that scales from a personal mashup server (mash the Web up to meet my own needs) to a scalable enterprise solution or in fact an Internet scale solution
  • the only one with lots of Web 2.0 style community features
  • the only one with a mashup sharing community site ... oh yeah, that's just the mashup server too!
Intrigued? You can try it online at .. that's running our mashup server and is the mashup sharing site we're offering to the mashup community. If you download our mashup server it can trivially upload and download mashups to/from the Mooshup site.

Jonathan, Keith, Tyrell, Channa and Yumani are the core team behind the mashup server. Thilina, now at Indiana University, was a key part of it too until he abandoned us to go to grad school :-).

Jonathan's blog has some more info about the release. Also, keep an eye on the Mooshup Blog, where we hope to keep everyone updated on mooshups, er, I mean mashups. Moo!

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